Licensed, Bonded &Insured 

Private Security Officers & Executive Protection Agents

  • Corporate / Infrastructure Security - Compliance driven Safety & Security teams for your Property, Business or Job site.

  • High Risk / Executive Protection - Discretion, Training, and Experience combined, all coordinated by a Lead Agent in contact with you.

  • Personal Drivers (Armed / Unarmed)  - Drivers with logistics, knowledge, and etiquette to fully Secure your Transportation.

  • Long Term / Short Term contracts - The decision in yours, the Consultation is free.

Nationally available custom Staffing Services for your next event

  • Large scale Concerts, Indoors / Outdoors - Parking Lot Attendants, Guest / Bag Check teams, Ticket Booth teams, Access / Crowed Control teams, and more.

  • Mobile Management Team - Specially trained Security Managers on All Terrain Vehicles to get the job done, no matter what.

  • Music Festivals / Political Events - Large scale deployments with Integrated Support for multi-day Events in different locations.

  • Mobile Command Center -  Staffed 24/7 with Internet Connected office equipment, GPS / Weather / Video monitoring, and Dispatch Center with  FCC Licensed 50-mile range Radio Communications, deployable on any terrain.

24/7 Customer  and Team Support with Integrated Reporting.

  • Real Time Reporting - Security Managers that send Real Time Reports, equipped with a Military-grade Smartphone capable of  Live GPS, Push-To-Talk, and Daily Reporting Software.

  • Security Management Teams - Specialty  Managers assigned to quickly train, develop, and  implement new or existing  Security personnel across the Nation.

  • Operations Center - Monitoring everything from Weather Alerts, Breaking News, G2G Client Accounts, local Police & Emergency Dispatch Traffic, Live GPS and more. Our Clients and Security Officers are able to reach us by email, text, video chat, or phone call - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Personnel specially trained & adapted 

to unfavorable conditions during Disasters or Pandemics.

  • Vast networks with multiple Agencies - achieve Large Deployments across the Nation when your time is limited.

  • Rapid Deployment ready - In some cases, 24 hours or less.

  • Self-sufficient operations - Dedicated Project Manager for Support, 24/7.

  • Armed & Unarmed Personnel - all from diverse backgrounds with Specialty  skillsets.

Custom Training Modules from Internationally Certified Instructors

  • Virtual Classroom Support (coming soon) - Access  G2G Training courses Online with customized Learning Plans and same-day Certificates.

  • Large Scale Classes / Solo sessions - Instructors available for Solo Training Modules, or Large Group Sessions to teach your whole Team.

  • Diverse Range of Content From Courses such as A.L.I.C.E, to  Defensive Tactics, over 15 Training Modules available with more on the way.

  • Practical Applications - Real life scenario training methods, with practical uses plus Exams & Reviews to further your learning.